Daniel Farrell, LLC provides art advisory and appraisal services to private individuals, trusts and estates, corporate collections, institutions and insurance companies.

Art Advisory

The firm advises and consults with clients on the acquisition and sales of works of art, antiques and valued objects and also on their care and conservation, insurance and title issues, museum loans, and all other matters of concern to collectors and their legal and financial advisors.


Daniel Farrell and Daniel Farrell, LLC can provide appraisals that are fully compliant with the requirements of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) for:

·       Insurance Inventory
·       Market Value
·       Estate & Gift Tax
·       Charitable Donation
·       Equitable Distribution
·       Damage & Diminution in Value

All appraisals are fully illustrated and can be updated on a regularly scheduled basis.

Collection Management

Cataloguing: Daniel Farrell, LLC can provide sophisticated cataloguing to museum level specifications or simpler Home Inventory products. Complete cataloguing of collections includes extensive digital images, full descriptions, locations, condition reports, provenance details and other available documentation. Home Inventories feature full visual representation (both video and high definition digital photographs) and include full descriptions, to record all home contents or just selected pieces.

Care and Conservation: We arrange and supervise necessary conservation/restoration for artworks, antiques and collectibles and consult on preservation issues.

Risk Management:  The firm can advise clients on all matters related to the protection of fine artworks and collections, including proper handling, moving, storage and security.

Provenance Research: Establishing and verifying the provenance of individual artworks has taken on heightened importance today. To establish “good title,” and enhance market value, Daniel Farrell, LLC does the essential research to document the journey from an artist’s hand to the client’s collection.

Daniel Farrell, LLC is pleased to entertain any questions you may have regarding any aspect of the services we offer.

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